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Solutions | Branch offices

The branch offices of a company are connected through links or through the Internet by means of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). With the IP telephony technology of HiperPBX’s systems, it is possible to use such data links to carry the voice thus, leveraging again the resources acquired by the company.

This constitutes an important reduction of domestic and international-call costs and a simplification of the remote PBX

Cost Reduction:

  • Free of charge calls among branch offices.
  • Domestic and international calls using the IP PBX Systems which are closer to the place where the outcoming call
    is addressed to.
  • Operating and maintenance cost reduction.

Centralized Management:

  • Centralized Call Detail Record (CDR) of all branches.
  • Remote configuration of all IP PBX Systems through a Web navigator from a central point.

More information in SOHO Series and CP Series switchboards.

Solution Scheme

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