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The TELCOs are undergoing a service expansion period in which the choice for telecommunication platforms is essential so as to ensure the scalability and dynamics of new emerging services.

Dealing with the complexity of telecommunication together with the integration of voice and data services may cause serious disorders which diminish service quality towards the final consumer.

HiperPBX understands this problem and provides its line of Soft-Switches VR-Series, which offers the following advantages:
Interaction with the current public switchboards so as to expand customers’ electronic capacity without obsolete platforms-based high

  • New functions in the current public switchboards without adding high-cost proprietary modules.
  • Compatible with the most common Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols.
  • Compatible with the multi-access concentrators and VoIP Gateways of the leading brands on the market.
  • Value Added Services: Voicemail, Conferences, Waiting calls, Transfers.
  • Centralized Remote Management.
  • Use of VoIP Termination Vendors to improve international fees.
  • Prepaid Services.
  • Postpaid Services.
  • Calling Cards.
  • Integration with Triple Play services.

More information in CP Series corporate

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