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Small and medium-sized companies (SMCs) need to grow by attracting and maintain clients with out affecting its own cash flow in the process it´s not an easy task. SMCs need to convince the market that there a large company capable of handling large jobs so as to attract clients with bigger budgets.

With HiperPBX its possible to take ones business to the next level without going over the budget and ensure that the investment will
accompany the companies development.

HiperPBX understands the needs that SMCs have, that's why we have developed an IP PBX system which can be adapted to fit any business and its current or future needs.

Possibility that our solutions offer:

  • Handle incoming calls the same way that larger companies do at a low cost.
  • Reduce the costs of long distance calls, cellphones and public telephone services.
  • To expand workforce by means of teleworkers to ensure that customers count on the proper support without increasing operating and infrastructure costs.
  • Open-systems which permit the use of IP phones of different brands and models.

More information is available in the IP PBX system SOHO series

Solution Scheme

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